Fifty car highway pile up caused by snow in Wisconsin



Video courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Sunday 12/08/2013 - 'It was like a big crash at Nascar': Amazing video shows huge pile-up on snow-covered Wisconsin highway involving 40 cars
Crashes occurred on Highway 41/45 near Germantown
Twelve people were injured but there were no fatalities
Police: The cars just kept 'going and going and going'

Incredible footage of a mass pile-up, involving around 40 cars on a snow-covered highway, has been released - and miraculously, no one died.

The crashes occurred on Highway 41/45 near Germantown, Wisconsin on Sunday and continued for around five minutes.

Several cars skidded off the road onto a grass verge, while many others crashed as they sped towards the carnage, unable to stop fast enough in the wintry conditions.

The mass pile-up, involving around 40 cars, happened on a snow-covered highway in Wisconsin on Sunday. Twelve people were injured, according to police, but miraculously there were no fatalities. Dozens of cars slam into each other on snowy Wisconsin road

Fifty-car pile-up in Wisconsin caught on traffic camera
Footage from a Wisconsin traffic camera shows how a pile-up involving at least 50 cars unfolded on Sunday. Amazingly no-one was seriously injured
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation released video of the multi-vehicle pileup that occured in Germantown, Wisconsin on Sunday.
Around 50 cars were involved in the crash and footage of the accident shows many more near misses, after heavy snow caused hazardous driving conditions.
There were reports of a few minor injuries, however no-one is reported to have been seriously hurt despite many motorists leaving their vehicles and standing on the motorway as cars continued to crash.
Tim Miller, a police officer in Germantown, was responding to another nearby crash when he saw the Wisconsin pileup unfold.

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Snowy roads a factor in major crash near Germantown (story, video)
The snow is being blamed for a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 41/45 near Germantown Sunday afternoon.

Reports from Twitter note that portions of Highway 41/45 has been shut down near Lannon Road outside of Germantown around 1 p.m. due to a multi-vehicle wreck involving more than 60 vehicles.

Highway 41/45 is shut down near Leon Road due to another multi-vehicle crash.

A Wisconsin pileup that involved 50 cars crashing on a snow-covered highway on Sunday was captured on camera, showing a scene of chaos an near endless crashes for more than five minutes.

The giant pileup happened Sunday near Germantown, Wisconsin. Snowy road conditions caused a handful of cars to crash along Highway 41/45, leaving the two narrow lanes clogged with cars.

Drivers continued to speed through the snowy highway, causing even more chain-reaction crashes for close to five minutes after the initial wreck. Video of the Wisconsin pileup shows a number of near-misses as cars navigated around the wreckage and crowds of people just in time. Others were not so lucky, and ended up plowing into the cars in front of them. At least two cars skidded off the road entirely, into a grassy area beyond the view of the camera.

Police remind people to stay in their vehicles. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has released video of a multi-vehicle pileup that happened Sunday in southeastern Wisconsin.

Approximately 50 vehicles were involved in the crash near Lannon Rd. in Germantown.

Germantown police say twelve people were hurt, and they were amazed by the number of stranded motorists just standing on the road. Transportation has released video of a multi-vehicle pileup that happened Sunday in Germantown.

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This footage, captured by a Department of Transportation traffic camera, shows how a multiple-vehicle crash unfolded Sunday near Lannon Road on Highway 41/45 in Germantown. No casualties.

A day after a huge pileup shut down Highway 41/45, a woman who was in the middle of

The Wisconsin State Patrol reported that all southbound lanes of Highway 39 near Janesville were closed due to a crash. snow, icy, road, multi, vehicle, pile, up, crash, accident, germantown, i45, i41,
Location: Germantown, Wisconsin, United States

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